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A great loss to our court and our community . . . 

I have been a family law attorney in Santa Cruz County for 26 years. I have appeared in Judge Symons’ court many times. She is not just an outstanding judge but an outstanding person. She is intelligent, knowledgeable and well respected. She has high standards in her courtroom requiring attorneys and litigants to be prepared and to act properly. She is always well prepared and thoughtful when deciding cases. That is what we want from our judiciary. She is involved in many community programs and organizations, always generous with her time. Her decision to retire from the bench is a great loss to our court and our community.

— Robin Towse, Aromas

Judge Ari Symons' rulings were fair

I worked with Ari Symons as a prosecutor pursuing justice for the people of Santa Cruz County. When she was a judge, I appeared before her. She treated litigants and the public with respect and decorum. I respected her rulings because they were fair, even when I was on the losing end of those rulings. Her decades of service to the people of our community is recognized and respected by those who know her, have worked with her, and have witnessed her pursuit of justice firsthand. I wish her happiness and well-earned fun in retirement!

— Jason Gill, Gilroy

I support Ari for Judge because . . .

I have known Ari for many years, beginning when she joined the District Attorney's Office.  During my 35 years of law practice I appeared before numerous trial court judges, and believe I can identify qualities that good judges possess, which include: knowledge of substantive law and procedures; willingness to learn; willingness and ability to listen carefully to all counsel, parties, and witnesses; respect for all persons appearing in his or her courtroom; ability to manage lengthy calendars.  

I believe the Ari possesses these qualities and am pleased to support her re-election.

— Sara Clarenbach


Symons 2020

October 24, 2019 

You're a great judge. In my experience, you have always pursued justice and have treated all litigants and the public with great respect and fairness in your courtroom.

We should all be supporting you if we care about public safety in Santa Cruz.

SYMONS 2020!!!!

— Jason Gil, Assistant District Attorney, Santa Cruz County


Support, Appreciation, Admiration

June 4, 2019 

This is a letter of support, appreciation, admiration, and a "thank you" for all that you are doing to keep Santa Cruz a decent place to live.

I first heard you speak a number of years ago at a lunch by the Watsonville Soroptimists.  I next had "contact" with you when you stepped in as auctioneer at a CASA event.  Your dedication to law, order, and civil behavior is noted and welcomed.

Thanks you for being a stand-up no nonsense judge.  You are sorely needed in this county, and I sincerely hope you will continue to do what you are doing so well.

Most Respectfully,

— Edie Abendschan, La Selva Beach


Santa Cruz can't afford to lose Judge Symons

Santa Cruz Sentinel  September 30, 2019 

I’m writing because I want the people of Santa Cruz to know Judge Ari Symons the way I know her. I have lived in Santa Cruz 30 years and watched people who are open, honest and not afraid to speak out against people who do not obey the law become enemies of the Santa Cruz political machine. I have known Ari for 15 years. She is straight forward, extremely knowledgeable and courageous. She says what she believes, which is getting her in deep trouble with the “Keep Santa Cruz Weird” culture. I have spoken to law enforcement folks who think of her as a hero. This lady is the real deal, who fights to protect families against criminals, who fights to put law breakers in jail and who fights every day with compassion to make Santa Cruz a safe place. We cannot afford to lose her from the bench!

— Barry Cioffi, Santa Cruz


33rd Annual River & Road Cleanup

Ari was great at the 33rd Annual River & Road Cleanup, bringing in bags of trash and a hunk of ugly metal.  She is always a delight to talk to.  Sorry to miss the kick-off, but happy that Ari wants to continue serving our community in such an important way.

— Nancy and Ken Macy


High Expectations and Standards

As a former Assistant District Attorney in Santa Cruz County, I appeared before Judge Symons and handled several criminal cases in her courtroom.  She expected attorneys to be prepared.  She demanded formality and proper court decorum.  I understood and respected her high expectations and demands. She always treated me with dignity, courtesy and respect.

— Judge Raphael Vasquez, Superior Court Judge 


Glad that Judge Symons is running for reelection

Santa Cruz Sentinel  August 28, 2019 

I’m personally thrilled that Judge Ari Symons is running for reelection. She’s been an excellent judge for Santa Cruz. She’s fair, but tough and holds people accountable. Now more than ever we need experienced judges who understand the challenges our community is facing, can draw on decades of legal experience as a prosecutor and judge, and are willing to be tough when necessary but also compassionate when the opportunity allows. Ari is a great judge and she has my full support. I hope voters will continue to support her as they have in years past. 

— Ann Stout, Santa Cruz 


Santa Cruz is lucky to have Symons on the bench

Santa Cruz Sentinel  August 22, 2019 

Several years ago I served on a jury in Santa Cruz County. At the time, Ari Symons was working for the DA’s office as a prosecutor. It was a case that involved a young man’s death that was caused by someone driving under the influence. The defendant already had two prior DUI’s so it was a very serious matter. As a prosecutor, Ms. Symons was extremely well prepared, professional and eloquent. She explained everything to the jurors and all who were in the court in a manner that was very understandable and concise. 

I feel that she has carried those qualities into the courtroom as a judge. Santa Cruz is lucky to have someone on the bench who is talented, smart, fair, professional and above all well prepared. She is an asset to our community. 

— Kathleen Marini, Santa Cruz 


Symons one of the most qualified judges we’ve had

Santa Cruz Sentinel  August 22, 2019

I have personally known Judge Symons since she first came to Santa Cruz to work in the District Attorney’s Office. I have followed her career for all of that time and I personally believe that she is one of the most conscientious and qualified judges we have had in Santa Cruz. In addition, she has been and continues to be the most active judge I have known in supporting organizations throughout the county.

— James C. Thompson, Santa Cruz

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